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Japan's best software, horror ADV for PS4 & Switch "Night, Light" PV


PS4 & Switch software " Night, Light " will be released on July 30. PV has been released.

A new horror adventure by Nippon Ichi Software. With the protagonist of a high school girl belonging to the koto club at a local young lady's school, the 18-night bell. A mysterious incident begins to take place around fellow members of the same department.

* PS4

Amazon.co.jp “Night, light”
Amazon.co.jp “Night, light” [Amazon.co.jp limited] Digital wallpaper distribution + with magnet sheet

* Switch

Amazon.co.jp “Night, Light”
Amazon.co.jp “Night, Light” [Only for Amazon.co.jp] Digital Wallpaper Delivery + With Magnet Sheet
Night, Light | Nippon Ichi Software

YouTube "Night, Lighting" Promotion Movie





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