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Cross-dressing infiltration ADV for PS4 & Switch “I am the Princess Project” CM style PV princess election


PS4 & Nintendo Switch software " Bokuhime PROJECT " will be released on April 23. CM-style PV-Princess Election-has been released.

This is the newest software in Japan, a transvestite infiltration ADV set in a super young lady school with a sex ratio of 1:99. An ordinary boy, Minato, whose hobby is helping with housework, will infiltrate into her young lady's school in a transvestite to investigate a strange incident in which her sister fell into a coma.

* PS4

Amazon.co.jp “My Princess Project”
Amazon.co.jp “My Princess Project [Amazon.co.jp Limited] Digital Wallpaper Distribution + With Magnet Sheet”

* Switch

Amazon.co.jp “Bokuhime PROJECT”
Amazon.co.jp “Bokuhime PROJECT [Limited to Amazon.co.jp] Digital wallpaper distribution + with magnet sheet”
Bokuhime PROJECT | Nippon Ichi Software

YouTube "" My Princess Project "CM-style PV-Princess Election-"

YouTube "" My Princess PROJECT "CM-style PV-Crossdressing Infiltration Edition-[30-second transvestite awakening ADV]"

YouTube “[Spoiler Note]“ My Princess Project ”Early Runaway Video 1”
• YouTube “[Spoiler Note]“ My Princess Project ”Early Runaway Video 2”
YouTube “[Spoiler Note]“ My Princess Project ”Early Runaway Video 3 "
· YouTube" [spoilers Note] "Bokuhime PROJECT" early runaway video 4 "
· YouTube" [Bokuhime PROJECT] promotional movie [ "almost" Dressing game for all ages] "
· YouTube" [Bokuhime PROJECT] opening movie [ Cross-dressing game for all ages]





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