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Two episodes of "tsugumomomo"


The synopsis and scenes of the second episode "Udon" of the TV anime "Hatsutsugumo" broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from April 12 have been released.

He once challenged a duel in the midst of a territory, but this time he asked him to come home alone. Kazuya, who visits the dreaded house, is still demanded. It was to pretend to go out on the premise of marriage.

■ TV and anime "Tsugumomo"
the same name comics original of Yoshikazu Hamada teacher. Director and series composition is Ryoichi Kuraya, character design and total drawing director is Kiyotaka Nakahara, total drawing director is Masaaki Sakurai, sex appeal animator is Yoshitaka Yasuda, and animation production is zerosy.

Kazuya Kagami, a very ordinary boy, meets a beautiful girl in a kimono that suddenly appeared one day, Kiriba. Kiriha who says "It's been a long time" to Kazuya who should have met for the first time. In fact, the true identity was the obituary of the "obi" that Kazuya was carrying around as a reminder of his late mother.

Along with Kiriba, the mourning god of de S, a “Yokai Action Comedy” confronts the ghost events that occur one after another.

The role of Kagami Kagami and the role of Yufuko Sanbe , the role of Kiribaha is Naomi Ozora, the role of Chisato Chikaishi is Noriko Shibasaki, the role of Kuri is Yurika Kubo , the role of Eriko Matsui is the role of Kuroyo, the role of Emoji Sumo and the role of Kazumi Kagami. the Ayana Taketatsu 's. Shiro Shiramine role the kingdom Tatsuko's, Osamu auditors Sasaki Shiho's Osanai, the Kana Kagami or role Kotono Mitsuishi, tiger iron auditors Rumi Okubo, Jinshan haul Officer M · A · O 's, Yasutsuguho Akito The role is Shogo Sakata, the role of Arumi Azumine is Riho Sugiyama, the role of Mitaka Mitaka is Ami Uchida, the role of Yatsugawa Yuki is Kikuchi Yukiko , the role of Azami is Yunoko Ono , and the role of Baku is Kaede Yuasa. And Tokui Aozora will play the role of Hibika , and Kikuko Inoue will be in charge of the narration .


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