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"Gal and Dinosaur" 2 episodes


The synopsis and scenes of the second episode of TV anime "Gal and Dinosaur" broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from April 11 "A friend has come" and "I met a former boyfriend" have been released.

# 2-1 My friend has come.
Dinosaurs really like drama.

# 2-2 I met a
former boyfriend . A former boyfriend, Shota, came while Kaede was away. No dinosaurs without selfishness! !

■ About the TV anime "Gal and Dinosaur"
Series composition and series director: Jun Aoki (Space Cat Company), animation production by Space Cat Company / Kamikaze Animation.

Gal and dinosaur share the timeless room. I don't know about dinosaurs, but it'll be something. Toriman Ageteko!

Miyuri Shimabukuro plays Kaede, Yuko Natsuyoshi plays Yamada, Yuki Kudo plays first pie, and Seiichiro Yamashita plays Shota .


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