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Assault Lily talk event will be released on YouTube on April 12!


Bushiroad announced that the talk event "Assault Lily Exchange Meeting Apr. -Hatsuharu-" will be released on YouTube from 19:00 on April 12, 2020 (Sun).

"Assault Lily Project" is a media mix project of the action doll series "Assault Lily" that embodies the endless battle of girls with the theme of weapons x beautiful girls. It has been developed in various genres such as "Action Doll", "Anime", "Stage", "App Game". Among them, the TV anime “Assault Lily BOUQUET” is scheduled to be broadcast in July 2020, and the smartphone game “Assault Lily Last Bullet” is currently accepting pre-registration.

The talk program "Assault Lily Exchange Meeting Apr. -Hatsuharu-" which will be released this time will feature Hikaru Akao, Yuko Natsuyoshi and Karin Takahashi who will be the voice actors in the anime version. It is said that a talk will be held with the latest information on assault lily. The program can be watched on the official channel of the Assault Lily Project .

* We will deliver the recorded material in the week before the emergency declaration was issued.

[Overview of TV anime]
■ "Assault Lily BOUQUET"
<Broadcast time>
July 2020

Director / Akishi Saeki
Character Design / Mieko Hosoi
Sub Character Design / Total Drawing Director / Kazuya Shizuki
Deputy Director / Keita Nagahara
Charm Design / Denforword Akishino Denforword
/ Huge Design Hiwa / Himichi Ishida
Action Director / Kanta Suzuki
Art Director Koji Maruyama /
Color Design by Marie Kitai / Hitoshi Hibino
CG Director / Kyohei Oikawa
/ Photography Director Shimakuto /
Editing by Naoki Eto /
Sound Director
Matsunori / Toshiki Kameyama Music / Akito Matsuda
Animation Production: Shaft
Production: Assault Lily Project

Riri Ichiyanagi (Riri Ichiyanagi): Hikaru Akao
Yui Shirai (Yuyu Shirai): Yuko Natsuyoshi
, J. Nouvelle (Maple, Joan, Nuberu): Mikako Izawa,
Futagawa Fumikawa ( Fumi Futagawa: Rimi Nishimoto,
Tsurusa Ando : Takusa Ando, ​​Ryoshi Sakimura
, Thi, Ume (Yoshimura,
Te , Mai): Iwata, Aoi Kuo Shinrin: Kusan
Yuujia Wang: Hikaru Tono
Miriam Hildegard v. Gropius (Miriam / Hirudegarudo / Fan / Gropus): Takahashi Hanayarin

[Game Outline]
■ Pre-registration for "Assault Lily Last Bullet" is accepted.
Genre: Battle RPG.
Supported OS: iOS, Android.
Price: Basic play free (item charge type)


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