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Postponed “Search for Witch Apprentice” release date decided in fall 2020


The release date for the 20th anniversary movie "Looking for a Witch Apprentice", which was scheduled to be released on May 15 and has been postponed, has been decided in the fall of 2020. The site has been reopened.

Sora, a college student aspiring to become a teacher, Mire, a returnee and a company employee, and Reika, a freelancer. The age, the place to live, the troubles ... The three things that differed from each other were-magic balls! Our New Magical Story Begins Now!

Directed by Junichi Sato / Yu Kamagai, screenwriter Midori Kuriyama, character design / total animation director Yoshihiko Magoshi, animation director Akiko Nakamura, animation production by Toei Animation.


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