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“Somehow manageable days” postponed due to spread of new coronavirus infection


The postponement of the anniversary of theatrical animation, "Somehow I Believe", which was scheduled to be released on May 8, has been announced. "Announcements and requests from government agencies in connection with the spread of the new type of coronavirus, and placing top priority on customer safety and health."

Everyday thinking of someone is sometimes sweet and sometimes painful. I'm sure that someday I'll have to be like that. A former lover's wedding, a boy's school teacher and student, an adolescent childhood friend undergoing a change in mind and body. No matter who you are or who you are, all the ways of life and love are of equal value. And the days of thinking of someone clumsy will surely be a lovely memory someday. A collection of omnibus short stories that gently watch over such "somebody's love" and draw warmly.

Based on the omnibus manga of the same name, depicting various love patterns of Mr. Takako Shimura pale and delicate. Directed by Takuya Sato, directed by Koji Aritomi, screenplayed by Takuya Sato, Yasushi Ide, Yoriko Tomita, character design by Haruka Sagawa, animation production by Leiden Film Kyoto Studio.

Eh-chan auditors Kana Hanazawa, Aya's auditors Mikako Komatsu 's, the Sawa teacher role Takahiro Sakurai, the Yakesaki-kun role Seiichiro Yamashita, the Shin-chan role Ibuki Kido 's, a Mika-chan role Kaori Ishihara -san, a Sayoko role Ai Firuzu, Saori Hayami as Yuri , Nobunaga Shimazaki as Tanabe , Mushin Tamura as Yoriko , Kohei Amasaki as Shinchan's father, and Ryoko Shiraishi as Shinchan's mother .


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