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"Luminous Witches" Animation Special PV for 2021


The animation special PV (Short.ver) of the TV animation “Luminous Witches, League Air Force Aeronautics and Magic Band” scheduled to be broadcast in 2021 has been released.

■ What is the TV animation "Luminous Witches"? The
original and character draft is by Fumikane Shimada & Projekt World Witches, and the director and series composition is Akishi Saeki.

A unique air wing that brings peace and healing to those who fight Neuroy and those who have been displaced from their homes around the world. That's the "Federation Air Force Aviation Magical Music Group Luminous Witches". Fighting and protecting everyone Witches of the Combat Fighter Wing are the opposite of witches, who are non-fighting witches and protect everyone's smiles with "songs and music"!

Mai Narumi as Virginia Robertson, Minako Hosokawa as Inori Shibuya, Ami Aimoto as Ludmila Andreevna Ruslanova, Ryo Mamiya as Ira Peyvic Linnamar, and Toshizuki as Eleonor Giovanna Gashon Aya Kaede, Malia Hanae as Maria Magdalene Dietrich, Misaki Yuuki as Mania Matawaura Hato, Miu Kotosaka as Silvi Carriello, and Kyo Tachibana as Joanna Elizabeth Stafford.


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