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Movie version "Fate / stay night [HF]" Chapter 3 release rescheduled. Go out of control


The movie version of "Fate / stay night [Heaven's Feel]", whose release was postponed from March 28 to April 25 due to calls for self-restraint due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection and closure of some movie theaters etc. Sp.spring song, but the postponement has been announced. The release date will be announced as it is determined.

"I decided to be a friend of justice for the cherry blossoms." The boy keeps his eyes on the truth. To save the girl. To stick to justice of your choice. The sorcerer <Master> and the hero <Servant> fight over the universal desire machine "Holy Grail"-"Holy Grail War". The battle was distorted. A girl-Sakura Matou, drowned in the darkness with the sins she committed. Shiro Emiya, a boy who has pledged to protect the cherry blossoms, will fight with Rin Tohsaka and take on a severe battle to end the Holy Grail War. As a person who knows the truth of the struggle, Ilyasfield von Einzbern faces his fate, and Mairi Kirizuri uses cherry blossoms to try to fulfill his wish. "So, clench your teeth, cherry blossoms." Will the boy's wishes, who face the fierce wind and challenge fate, reach the girl? The “Holy Grail War” is coming to an end. The last battle finally begins.

The director is Tomonori Sudo, the character design is Tomonori Sudo, Atsushi Ikutani, Toshiyuki Tabata, the script is Akira Hiyama (ufotable), the music is Yuki Kajiura, the producer is Hikaru Kondo, and the animation is ufotable. Noriaki Sugiyama as

Shiro Emiya, Noriko Shimoya as Sakura Matou, Ayako Kawasumi as Saber Alter , Rina Tohsaka as Kana Ueda , Maija Kadowaki as Iliyasfield von Einzbern , Fujimura Miki Ito will play the role of Taiga, Joji Nakata will play the role of Kirei Kotomine, Masakazu Tsukayama will play the role of Inazuri Maki, Yuu Asakawa will play the role of Rider , and Toru Inada will play the role of Shin Assassin . (C) TYPE-MOON ・ ufotable ・ FSNPC



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