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"Sekai Maou and Summon Girl's Slave Magic" Phase 2 "Ω" 2021 Broadcast Decision


The production of the second phase of the TV anime "Sleeping Magic of the Demon World and the Summoned Girl" broadcasted in 2018 has been decided. It will be broadcast in 2021. Teaser visuals have been released and staff information has been lifted.

The three people, mainly Diavelo, Sierra and Rem, are peace signing each character to celebrate the second term decision.

The director is Satoshi Kuwahara, the series composition is Kazuyuki Brush Yasushi, the character design is Shizue Kaneko, and the animation production is Tezuka Productions × Okult Noboru.

■ TV anime is a "slave magic of a different world devil and summoning girl"
remarkable: Yukiya Murasaki teacher / Illustration: Tsurusaki Takahiro same name light novel is the original teacher. The director is Yuta Murano, the series composition is Kazuyuki Brush Yasushi, the character design is Shizue Kaneko, the total drawing director is Yuki Nishioka, the effect / action drawing director is Yuki Miyamoto, and the animation production is Asa Asiado.

"If you were playing the Demon King in the game, you were summoned to another world !?" 拓 Takuma Sakamoto was so overwhelmingly strong in the MMORPG Cross Reveli that he was called "Demon King" by other players. One day, he is summoned to a different world in the game. There were two girls who insisted that I was the summoner. Takushin can apply enslavement magic for the summoned beasts from them. However, her unique ability "magic reflection" is activated! It is the girls who became slaves ...! ? The Demon King (acting) rushes with absolute strength in a different world adventure tan, opening!

Mr. the Diavuro role water Masaaki, Sierra · L · Greenwood auditors Yu Serizawa, Kazu氣as-Not's the Rem Gareu role, the Alicia Kurisutera role Yumi Hara, the Sylvie role Rumi Okubo, the Ederugaruto role Hidemi Kato Sato -san, Atsumi's Tanezaki the Kulm role, Mr. Mei role Yuka Morishima, the Seresutinu Baudelaire role Ayaka Senbongi 's, the Emile role Ryotaro Ryotaro, the Kiira officer Akira Ishida, the gal Ford Officer Mr. Akio Otsuka play.

The original Bell is on sale until Volume 12.


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