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Two episodes of "Kyuurei"


Synopsis and scenes of the 2nd ball, "Let's play baseball together", a TV anime "Tamayomi" broadcast from April 8 have been released.

Yumi and others who submitted the notification to the baseball club. Ryu Kawasaki and Sumire Fujita, both of the same first graders, join the team, but it was discovered that there were almost no members because they were stopped due to a scandal. The remaining second-year students, Rei Okada and Risa Fuji, will not return and will join an outside club team. Yingfeng asks Rei who is a batter to play, "Would you like to hit my ball?"

■ What is TV anime "Tamayomi"? The
original comic of the same name by Mr. Mountain Pukuichi. The director is Toshiki Fukushima, the series composition is Doko Machida, the character design is Koichi Kikuta, and the animation production is studio A-CAT.

Saitama Prefecture, Shin-Koshigaya High School. Takumi Takeda, who entered this spring, reunites with his childhood friend, Tamaki Yamazaki. When she was in junior high school, she couldn't throw a sharply changing “magic ball” because there was no catcher to catch, and she gave up on her feelings about baseball. However, Tamaki, who had honed her skills with a powerful team, was able to catch the changing ball of Yingfu. After fulfilling their childhood promises, they met again and revived their baseball team with their classmates, Kawaguchi's sisters and friends. Aim for the whole country! The challenge of the newborn Shin-Koshigaya High School Baseball Club starts here.

Kaori Maeda as Eiyoshi Takeda, Satomi Amano as Tamaki Yamazaki, Ruriko Noguchi as Nozomi Nakamura, Mari Hashimoto as Sumi Fujita, Airi Nagano as Risa Fujinori, Kitagawa as Ryo Kawasaki Rina, Miyuki Tomita plays Kawaguchi Breath , Yume Miyamoto plays Rei Okada , Rina Motoizumi plays Shiriku Omura, Yoshino Kawaguchi plays Nao Shirashiro, and Anka Fujii plays Haruka Kamura .

The original comic is on sale until Volume 6.


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