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One episode of "Millionaire Detective"


Synopsis and scenes of the TV anime "Billionaire Detective Balance: UNLIMITED" check-1 "I came, saw, bought" that was broadcast on Fuji TV "Noitamina" and others from April 9 have been released.

Detective Haru Kato of the Metropolitan Police Department's "current headquarters" is being rushed to guard the classic car festival in Ginza. At that venue, Kato meets his former colleagues in the First Division of the Investigation Division following the bombing notice. He advises to stop the festival, but he is not heard and the warning time is approaching. A man who calls himself a new police officer, Daisuke Kobe, appears on the tense scene.

■ TV Anime "millionaire criminal Balance: UNLIMITED" and
"millionaire detective" is the original of Yasutaka Tsutsui teacher. Director is Tomohiko Ito, series composition and script is Taku Kishimoto, character design is Keigo Sasaki, music is Yugo Kanno, animation production is CloverWorks.

The Kobe family's scion, Daisuke, who has lost assets, was assigned to the Modern Crime Prevention Headquarters Preparatory Office, known as the current headquarters, where only the people who caused problems at the Metropolitan Police Department were sent. So Daisuke has a buddy with a passionate man, Haru Kato. Kato repels Daisuke, who even values ​​human life, saying, "It's not the money of the world." Various incidents and mysteries stand in front of two opposing people. Investigation beyond common sense begins now!

Yusuke Onuki plays Daisuke Kobe, Mamoru Miyano plays Haru Kato , Kozo Shioya plays Yukihiro Shimizu, Akira Kamiya plays Chosuke Nakamoto, Kentaro Kumagai plays Shinnosuke Kamei, Rena Ueda plays Mahoro Saeki and Yumoto Yumoto. Nobuya Takahashi for Teppei , Rikiya Koyama for Katsuhiro Takei , Junya Enoki for Ryo Hoshino? ? ? Role of Sakamoto Maaya 's plays.


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