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"Star Ocean: Anamnesis"


Square Enix has announced Episode3 "Star Ocean: Anamnesis -The Leash Code-" at the smartphone action RPG "Star Ocean: Anamnesis". It will be released after maintenance on April 30, 2020 . New characters, 2020 roadmaps, and collaboration information were also released.

“Star Ocean: Anamnesis” is the first smartphone title in the “Star Ocean” series. With the same world view as the previous series, you can enjoy the exhilarating action battle that is the feature of the series. You can also freely combine characters from past series as party members.

Episode3 overview

Episode3 "Star Ocean: Anamunesis -The Leash Code-" will be released "Episode3 CHAPTER: 01" after maintenance on Thursday, April 30. See below for stories and new characters.

■ Story A
young man running in the battle of the sea of ​​stars had "Earthlings".
The captains have unraveled the mystery of the Daft system and gained many friends, but their promise to return the future girl Tika to the future has not been fulfilled. The captains are aiming for an Azrite system with the Stardust Bazaar, an autonomous asteroid belt where many people and information gather. In the Azurite system, however, an interstellar war broke out between the human-controlled planet Raza and the sub-human-controlled planet Ober.
Captains who sought to avoid the fire meet Heath Bureau, a lifeguard on the lifeboat Raza, to send the war refugees on the planet Ober to the neutralized Stardust Bazaar. Captains commissioned to protect the war refugees and escort them to a neutral location allow Heath to board a temporary voyage, but a surprising report comes from Valka S90, who was inspected.
"Mista Heath is an Earthling ..."
An unlikely "Earthling's Gene" guides Captains to a new mystery in the universe.


■ New characters


Heath Bureau CV: Ryota Osaka
Weapon: Twin Swords
A man I met in the Azlight system that I visited to find ways to bring Tika back to the future. While they were fleeing with the refugees, the party rescued ... or rather, a person who was almost unilaterally entrusted to his boss with a lifeboat. According to Varka and Koro, his appearance, the language he speaks, and his genetic information seem to have important secrets.


Jeanne Mars West CV: Saori Onishi
Weapon: Sword sheath
Heath's boss. Even in the event of an emergency, the tone of whether or not you have delivered a lifeboat along with Heath indicates that you are a tough person.


Lavania Rose CV: Azumi Waki
Weapon: Whip
A woman I met in the Azrite system that I visited to find ways to bring Tika back to the future. Pirate of the Stardust Bazaar, the only daughter of Gartoga Rose, the head of the Rose family. The succubus is a demonic and has half-characteristic mechanical wings of human species. Apparently, he has a shallow relationship with Heath.


Opening movie released!

Also, the opening movie of Episode3 has been released. The opening theme song "Vanishment" will be in charge of "SHADOW OF LAFFANDOR", who worked on the episode 3 trailer theme song "Light Dance Place".



"SHADOW OF LAFFANDOR" is a music unit composed of Keiko Yanai (lyricist / composition / song) and Naoyuki Chitani (sound produce). Debuted in 2017 with the title "Shadow of LAFFANDOR-The Story of the Lafandador-A Recollection of the Light and Shadow of a Girl". He has a reputation for expressing stories and worldviews in music, and is in charge of music production and arrangement of various large game titles.


2020 roadmap and new entry characters released!

In addition, the 2020 roadmap of this work and the characters participating in the new war have been released.



■ New participation character


Fox Carlin CV: Chinatsu
Akazaki ILUSTRATOR: pupps
A woman she met on Daphtine, a planet that descended to find Tika's parents. I decided to wear a uniform as a crew member of the official Galactic Federation ship, but she couldn't find anything in her stock that would fit her body size, so she seemed to find her first. In fact, it is a female captain's uniform, but given the difficulties of her search, friends are wondering if she could point out.


Ricardo of the Gun CV: Tomokazu Sugita
ILLUSTRATOR: Yuhi Kagimoto
A man I met on Daphtine, a planet that descended to find Tika's parents. Asking Mastima to repair the damaged armor in the battle at Daphtine, Kolo and Verda were interested in the repair, and when they realized, the strongest full armor combining the best of the sciences of Ex-Ziva, Galactic Federation and Rambulans. Had been created. Ricardo complains about the completion of a completely different armor, but he really likes it.


In addition, it has been decided that new characters, "Carlin of the Fox General" and "Richard of the Gunzer" will participate in the pickup character gacha. During the period from the maintenance on April 30 to the maintenance on May 21, the probability of appearance of "Carlin of the Fox General" and "Richard of the Shell" will be greatly increased.

Collaboration held decision

In addition, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Square Enix's "Valkyrie Profile" series, a collaboration with "Valkyrie Profile 2 -Sirmeria-" has been decided. Scheduled for July, details will be announced at a later date. The new characters participating in the collaboration are as follows.


Alisha CV: Akiko Yajima
The first princess of the Principality of Dipan, located in a different space and space, including Midgard where humans live and Asgard where the gods live. He lived as imprisoned, separated from the country, because of the soul of one of Valkyrie's Sir Melia. He was a recoil who acted together with Sirmeria in his early days, relying on Sirmelia for everything and has a weak and confident personality.


Rufus CV: Yuichi Nakamura
ILLUSTRATOR: Katsumi Enami
A young man with a bow who lived in a different world, such as a different space-time, midgard where humans live, and Asgard where gods live. While wandering around the world, she was accompanied by her invitation to Alicesha, who was directed by Sirmelia, in the port city of Zolde.

[Game Overview]
■ Star Ocean: Anamnesis

Genre: High-end action RPG
Number of players: 1 to 4 (multi-player compatible)
Platform: iOS / Android
Price: Item charge type (basic play free)
Development: Triace
Music: Osamu Sakuraba


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