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Anime "Infinite Resident -IMMORTAL-" BD-BOX Top and Bottom Volume Starts Reservation


The BD-BOX of the anime " Infinity Resident -IMMORTAL- " will be released on June 24 and October 7 on both sides.

The main part includes the distribution version of the original master. As special benefits, special booklets, collections of interviews just before distribution, etc. will be prepared.

BD-BOX upper volume
BD-BOX lower volume

* With Amazon.co.jp limited / whole volume purchase bonus `` B2 cloth poster using drawn pattern ''

BD-BOX 1st volume
BD-BOX 2nd volume
“Infinite Resident -IMMORTAL-” Official Site

YouTube "Infinite Resident -IMMORTAL-" TV broadcast decision PV!

YouTube “2nd PV of“ Infinite Resident -IMMORTAL- ”


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