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"Violet Evergarden the Movie" has been postponed. Just before completion


"Theatrical version Violet Evergarden" was scheduled to be released from April 24, but the release has been announced. The movie was nearing completion, but was affected by the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

The director is Taichi Ishidate, the script is Reiko Yoshida, the character design and total drawing director is Akiko Takase, and the animation production is Kyoto Animation.

What do you love?
An important person who once taught and tried to give love to himself. If you want to meet, you can't. eternally. An important and precious person who has released his hand. Her name is "Violet Evergarden". Years have passed since the war, which deeply and deeply wounded people, ended. When the world gradually regains its peace, the development of new technologies is changing lives and people are moving forward. Violet Evergarden was trying to live in a world without his or her love for loved ones. One day, one letter is found ...

■ TV anime "Violet Evergarden" is
directed by Taichi Ishidate, who directed the movie "I'LL BE HERE-". The series consists of screenplays such as the movie "Voice Shape". Reiko Yoshida was in charge, character design was Akiko Takase in charge of illustrations in the library, and production was Kyoto Animation.

Violet had unforgettable words heard on the battlefield. It is a word told by someone who is more important to her.

She couldn't understand the meaning.

Tersis continent of a certain age. At the end of the four-year war that divided the continent from north to south, people are entering a new era.

Violet Evergarden, a girl once called a "weapon," was about to leave the battlefield and begin a new life at CH Postal.

There she encounters a job called "automatic puppets," which scoops up the other person's feelings and spins words, and is moved by her heart. Violet, who began working as an autograph doll, began to face various emotions and forms of love while facing the human heart.

Looking for the meaning of that word at that time.

Yui Ishikawa plays the role of Violet Evergarden , Takehito Koyasu plays the role of Claudia Hodgins , Daisuke Namikawa plays the role of Gilbert Bougainvillea , Aya Endo plays the role of Cattleya Boardrail, Takateru Uchiyama plays the role of Benedict Blue , Erica Minori Chihara plays Brown and Haruka Tomatsu plays Iris Canary .


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