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One episode of "After School Diary"


The synopsis, scenes, and notices of the TV anime "After School Teibou Diary" and the 01 "Tebou Club" broadcast on AT-X, TOKYO MX and others from April 7 have been released.

A freshman who has just moved to the countryside, Nagisa Tsurugi is an indoor enthusiast who likes handicrafts. One day before enrollment, walking along the road by the sea, you can see a shaky figure on the embankment. Yang Nagisa, who thought he was suffering from heat stroke, ran up in a hurry, but the woman said she was fishing. She claims to be Kuroiwa, a senior in the same high school as Yo Nagisa.

■ What is the TV anime "School after school diary" The
original is a comic of the same name by Mr. Yasuyuki Kosaka. The director is Takaharu Okuma, the series composition is Fumihiko Shimo, the character design is Katsuhiro Kumagai, and the animation production is a video studio.

Ugino Tsurugi, a freshman at Umino High School, is an indoor group that is not good at living things. While walking along the embankment, when I met my senior Kuroiwa, I got into the mysterious `` Itobu Club '' and began fishing! What will happen to Yogisa's high school life surrounded by unique members! ?

Kanade Takao will play the role of Nagisa Tsurugi, Natsumi Kawaida will play the role of Natsumi Hodaka, Yuu Shinohara will play the role of Yuki Kuroiwa, and Satomi Akasaka will play the role of Makoto Ohno .

The original comic is on sale until Volume 6.




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