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Pre-orders for all 4 volumes of "Jotsugumo" BD begin


Pre-orders for the 1st to 4th volume BD / DVD of the anime " Mitsutsugumo " have started. It will be released sequentially from June 10.

Each BD includes three episodes. Special bonuses include a special sleeve drawn by Yoshikazu Hamada, a booklet (scheduled for 8 pages), a soundtrack CD (included in the 2nd drama), an end card & eye catch collection (scheduled for 24 pages), a carefully selected original book collection (scheduled for 24 pages) , And a collection of setting materials (24P planned).

BD Volume 1
BD Volume 2
BD Volume 3
BD Volume 4
BD Volumes 1 ~ 4 Set

DVD Volume 1
DVD Volume 2
DVD Volume 3
DVD Volume 4
TV Anime `` Jotsugumo '' Official Site

YouTube “The 2nd PV of Tsutsumo Tsumo (Start broadcasting on April 5, 2020!)”


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