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16 episodes of "Book lover's sword fight"


TV anime broadcast on ABC TV and others from April 11 `` I can not choose a means to become a librarian who loves books '' Was released.

Life in the temple has begun. Mine learns a new job, but the side servants are rebellious. In particular, Ferdinand's side service, Fran, was dissatisfied with serving Mine, a piece of nobility. On the other hand, Mine does not trust the side service and does not try to adjust to the temple. Meanwhile, Mine, who had to pay the donation, went to the priest with Benno.

■ What is the TV anime "I can't choose a way to become a librarian who loves books."
Author: Miyo Katsuki / Illustration: The same novel by Shiina Priority Student. The director is Mitsuru Hongo, the deputy director is Yoshiki Kawasaki, the series composition is Mariko Kunizawa, the character design is Yoshiaki Yanagita and Toshihisa Kaiya, and the animation production is Asia Hodou.

There was no book in the world where Reino Motosu, a female college student who likes books more than three meals, was reincarnated as a soldier's daughter, Mine. The layman has a low literacy rate, and books made of parchment are expensive and noble. So Mine decides.
After making
trials and errors, he met merchant Benno and completed the plant paper to become a merchant apprentice, but Mine's body was undermined by the "fetish heat" . In this world where nobles have magic, there are sometimes ordinary people born with magic. That is “eating”. You can't survive without magic tools that absorb the ever-increasing magic power. At that time, Mine discovers the temple's library at the baptism ceremony, and speaks directly to the temple master to become an apprentice to a shrine maiden. After a while, Mine was decided to become a blue shrine maiden apprentice of magic. However, many people are not willing to wear the “blue garment” given to the aristocrats when the mine rises, and it is difficult for Mine to go ahead. Serving only problem children, the class society of the temple ... The common sense of the temple, different from the Reino and Shimomachi periods, stands in front of Mine. Will the day come when Mine can read as much as she wants! ? And can Mine make a book! ?

Yuka Iguchi plays the role of Mine, Sho Hayami plays the role of Priest Ferdinand , Ai Nakajima plays the role of Turi , Fumiko Orikasa plays the role of Efa, Takeshi Koyama plays the role of Gunter , Mutsushin Tamura plays the role of Lutz , and Takehito Koyasu plays the role of Benno , Otto as Satoshi Hino , Marc as Tomoaki Maeno , Frida as Aya Uchida , Gil as Yukiko Sanbe , Franc as Sho Kano, Delia as Chiyo Tomaru, and Rosina as Minori Suzuki Kiyono Anno plays the role of Vilma .


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