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"Kaguya-sama wants to tell you?"


TV anime broadcast on MBS, TOKTYO MX, etc. from April 11 "Want to tell Kaguya-sama?-A genius's love brain game-" 01 "I want to prevent Ai Hayasaka" "Student council is not god "Kaguya wants to get married" and "Kaguya wants to celebrate" have been released.

The boy, who became a couple with Kashiwagi thanks to the advice of Shirogane, came to consult a relationship again, but his impression is completely different from before. After the summer vacation, he was both physically and mentally a chara man. Shirogane and Ishigami, who were told the famous story of consultation, wondered from their confident behavior that they had already done “sacred acts” with her. So, when we look at the situation with Kashiwagi alone, it seems that the mood is rising between lovers ...

■ What is the TV anime "Kaguya-sama wants to tell you-the genius's love brainstorm-" is
based on the same name comic by Akasaka Aka-sensei serialized in Weekly Young Jump. The director is Mamoru Hatakeyama, the series composition is Yasuhiro Nakanishi, the character design is Yuko Yahiro, the total drawing director is Yuko Yahiro, Hiroshi Yamui, Yuko Hariba, the music is Yoshika Haoka, the sound director is Hitoshi Akadagawa, Produced by A-1 Pictures.

The family and personality are good! Shuchiin Gakuen, where the talents who are looking for the future gather! The vice-chairman Kaguya Shinomiya and the chairman Shirogane Miyuki who met at the student council should be attracted to each other, but nothing. Half a year has passed without them! The two people who have high pride and cannot be honest have come to think only about "how to confess to the other party" !? Love is fun until fulfilled! New sensation "brain battle" love comedy, war begins!

Aoi Koga as Kaguya Shinomiya, Shin Furukawa as Silver Gin , Yoshimi Ohara as Chika Fujiwara, Ryota Suzuki as Yu Ishigami, Yumiri Hanamori as Ai Hayasaka , and Asakura as Nagisa Kashiwagi even 's, the boys role Taku Yashiro, san Silver Keiyaku Suzuyo Shayumi, Silver of the father role Takehito Koyasu, the Iino Miko role Miyu Tomita, the Great Buddha small bowl officers Rina Hidaka played san, The narration is handled by Jo Aoyama.

The original comic has been released up to the 18th volume.


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