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"Gal and Dinosaur"


The non-telop opening video of the TV anime "Gal and Dinosaur" which began broadcasting on TOKYO MX on April 4 was released for a limited time.

Opening theme “Dinosaur Age Miwa” sung by dinosaur friends composed of Kaede (CV: Miyuri Shimabukuro), Yamada (CV: Yuko Natsuyoshi), Pie (CV: Yuki Kudo), Shota (CV: Seiichiro Yamashita ) ☆ "can be heard.

■ About the TV anime "Gal and Dinosaur"
Series composition and series director: Jun Aoki (Space Cat Company), animation production by Space Cat Company / Kamikaze Animation.

Gal and dinosaur share the timeless room. I don't know about dinosaurs, but it'll be something. Toriman Ageteko!

Miyuri Shimabukuro plays Kaede, Yuko Natsuyoshi plays Yamada, Yuki Kudo plays first pie, and Seiichiro Yamashita plays Shota .


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