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"Bungo and Alchemist" 2 episodes


The synopsis and scenes of the second episode of "Bungo to Alchemist-Judgment Gears" broadcast on TV Tokyo and others from April 10th, "The first part of a cherry tree in full bloom" have been released.

The man is informed. Being a reincarnated writer, a soul-like being based on past literary creatures, and therefore being able to enter a book and have a secret book that fights against invaders. A man who sneaked into a book now under erosion, "Below the cherry blossoms in full bloom," falls into the darkness, with weeping cherry blossoms burning in his mind. A man wakes up in the meadow, encounters a young woman, and accompanies the city. But when he arrived in the city, he was waiting for unimaginable encounters and tragedies.

■ TV animation "Bungo and Alchemist-Judgment
Nogoshi- " is directed by Mr. Yasuhiro Watanabe, series composition and script is Jun Kumagai, character design and total drawing director is Atsuko Nakajima, music is Hideki Sakamoto, sound director Yasunori Haebina, animation production by OLM.

Junichi Suwabe plays Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Yuichi Nakamura plays Osamu Dazai , Tetsuya Kakihara plays Chuya Nakahara , Shinnosuke Tachibana plays Fujimura Shimazaki , Masaya Onosaka plays Sakunosuke Oda , Takumi Watanabe plays Akio Tokuda, and Sakaguchi. The role of Ango is Tomokazu Sugita , the role of Sakutaro Hagiwara is Kenji Nojima , the role of Saisei Murou is Ryota Osaka , the role of Naoya Shiga is Tomoaki Maeno , the role of Minatsu Mushakoji is KENN , the role of Hiroshi Kikuchi is Shinichiro Miki , Masao Kume the Hiroyuki Yoshino, the cat role Taiga Genki's plays.


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