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"Argonavis from BanG Dream!"


From April 10, the opening video of the TV animation "Argonavis from BanG Dream!", Which is broadcast on the "Super Animeism" frame of 28 MBS and TBS stations nationwide, has been released. You can listen to Argonavis' "stars start".

■ TV anime "Argonabis from BanG Dream!"
Is based on Bushiroad, directed by Hiroshi Nishikori, composed by Narihiro Mohri, written by Mori Hiroshi, drafted by the main character, by Miyoshi Teru, story drafted by Nakamura Wataru, and music played by Takahashi Ryo Sanjigen, animation production.

Hokkaido, Hakodate. A city of ornate buildings, a fusion of European and Japanese culture-where we meet, collide and row a fateful boat to a shining large stage. Eventually you realize that this song was destined.

Masahiro Ito will play the role of Lotus Shichisei, Daisuke Hinata will play the role of Yuto Gory 稜, Seiji Maeda will play the role of Matoba, Shuta Morishima will play the role of Rinsei Kikyo, Shohei Hashimoto will play the role of Mangiri Shiraishi, and Ogasawara will play the role of Yuta Asahi Jin, Kenichi Satozuka as Shinichi Hashimoto, Reon Misono as Takumi Mano, Ryo Akebono as Keito Akiya, Fukayuki Kaikawa as Tomonori Miyauchi, and Kenzo Hakkoda (master) as Atsushi Miyauchi as Master Takuya Sato plays the role of Shintaro Mashu .


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