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"Memories Off -Innocent Fille-"


Spike Chunsoft has released the Steam version of "Memories Off-Innocent Fille-" (hereinafter Innocent Fille) on April 2, 2020 (Thursday). Also, the bundled version of “Innocent Fille” and “Memories Off -Innocent Fille-DOUBLE PACK”, which will be released on April 30, will be bundled with the same version. Has been released.

The first "Memory's Off" series appeared in 1999. This work with the keyword `` irreplaceable feelings '' as a keyword was produced up to a total of 8 works, the final work `` Innocent Fille '' appeared in 2018, in addition to PCs, home appliances such as PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch Released. In addition, a fan disk work "Innocent Fille for Dearest" that can be continued from "Innocent Fille" was released in 2019.

The “Memory No's -Innocent Fille- DOUBLE PACK” (hereafter, “Innocent Fille DOUBLE PACK”) is on sale at a price that is 20% lower than purchasing “Innocent Fille” and “Innocent Fille for Dearest” separately. In addition, "Innocent Fille DOUBLE PACK" comes with an official soundtrack that includes 54 songs used in the work as a purchase bonus. The "Innocent Fille for Dearest" included with this bundle version can be played from April 30, the original release date. Note that you can't play early.


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