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New animation “Tokyo Mew Mew Meow! Audition for the protagonist


"Tokyo Mew Mew Niya ~ ♡" has been decided to make a completely new animation. An illustration comment by Mika Sekai, who is in charge of the original comic, has been released.

One day, a very ordinary girl, Ichigo Momomiya, could date a school idol, Masaya Aoyama, who secretly longed for her! On my long-awaited date, the cat suddenly wrapped in bright light and dreamed of a cat coming into my body, my cat's ears and tail came out, and my behavior became cat-like for some reason …… !? Because it was chosen as “Muuichigo” which can use the power of Iriomote wildcat to save the earth from “Chimeric Anima”, a creature infested with “Aliens”! You have to find four other friends, stop the aliens from polluting the earth's environment, and protect Aoyama-kun! The secret word is ... "Nyan who will serve the future of the earth ♡"

It was announced that the role of Ichigo Momomiya, the main character, will be invited to the general public at an audition. Successful applicants sign an exclusive contract with Pony Canyon voice actor Swallow.


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