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"World Trigger"


The teaser visual of the TV animation "World Trigger", which has been announced for the production of the new season, has been released.

The appearance of Osamu Mikumo, Tatsuto Ikoma who has not yet appeared in anime, Kazuaki Oji, Takuma Yuba, Yoko Katori! It signals the beginning of a new battle for the B class battle.

The series composition is Hiroyuki Yoshino, the music is Kenji Kawai, the character design is Toshihisa Kaiya, and the series director is Morio Hatano.

Sanmon city. Population 280,000. One day a gate to another world opened in this town. The city was terrified, as invaders from another dimension, called so-called “neighbors”, traversed the area near the gate. Weapons on earth were less effective for near-fielders, and the destruction of cities seemed to be a matter of time. However, a group of mysteries that suddenly appeared then repelled the nearby people. A border defense organ called Border, an organization that independently researches the techniques of near-field people and fights to protect the world on this side. In a short period of time they built a huge base and set up a defense against the nearby people. Four years after that. Despite the gates still open, surprisingly few people leave Sanmon. High school student Osamu Mikumo also belonged to the border. One day, a transfer student came to Osamu's class. The boy, who was called Yukan Yuma, for some reason had a weapon called a "trigger" that could only be carried by border people. Yuma, who was asked to repair, says. "I'm from the world beyond the gate. You say this is a "nearby". The story of Yushin and Osamu begins to move.

Tomo Murakana plays Yuka Kukan, Hiroki Kaji plays Osamu Mikumo , Nao Tamura plays Chika Amatori , Yuichi Nakamura plays Yuichi Xun, and Nobunaga Shimazaki plays Huus .


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