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"Detective Conan Scarlet Bullet" postponed. Impact of the new coronavirus


The release of the movie "Detective Conan Scarlet Bullet", which was scheduled to be released on April 17th at Toho throughout Japan, has been announced. Following the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Japan is about to celebrate the memorable Tokyo holding of the world's largest sports festival "WSG-World Sports Games-". Along with the opening ceremony, it was announced that the world's first "vacuum superconducting linear," which boasts a maximum speed of 1000 km / h, combining Japanese technologies, will be developed between Shin-Nagoya Station and Shibahama Station to be newly established in Tokyo. While attracting the attention of the world, an incident suddenly occurs at a party venue where famous tournament sponsors gather, and the top of the company is abducted one after another. Behind them were Shuichi Akai, who monitors the incident, and the FBI, waiting for Akai's orders. Conan's speculation reveals a connection with the abhorrent WSG abduction case that occurred 15 years ago in Boston, USA, revealing that the case at that time was also under the jurisdiction of the FBI. Is this really a coincidence? What is going to happen in Japan where many people come from all over the world?


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