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“Fruit Basket”


About the TV anime "Fruit Basket" In
a new series with a completely new cast and new staff supervised by Dr. Natsuki Takaya, the entire original version is animated. The original and supervised by Dr. Natsuki Takaya, directed by Yoshihide Ibata, composed by Taku Kishimoto, designed by Yu Shindo, and produced by Toms Entertainment.

A year has passed since Toru began living in Shigo's house. Not only Yuki and Kazuma, but also the Kuma family have been interacting with each other, but what I am still worried about is the abominable “curse”. The way to go, the determined fate, the endless-in the zodiac-in front of the feast, what will Yuki think, what Toru thinks, and what will she decide?

The role of Toru Honda is Maika Iwami, the role of Yuki Kusama is Nobunaga Shimazaki, the role of Kusama is Yuma Uchida , the role of Shima Shigo is Yuichi Nakamura, and the role of Kusama Rura is Rie Kugimiya . Megumi Ban plays the role of Autumn Leaves of Kusama, Shin Furukawa plays the role of Kusama-Spring , Atsumi Tanezaki plays the role of Arisa Uotani , Satomi Sato plays the role of Saki Hanashima , Kazuyuki Okatsu plays the role of Kusama, and Ayame Kusama is Takahiro Sakurai, Akito Sohma auditors Sakamoto Maaya 's, Kyoko Honda role Sawashiro Miyuki -san, the element role Minagawa M · a · O 's, the Takei Makotoyaku Jun Fukushima, the grass friction杞紗Officer Rena Ueda The role of Kusama Toro is played by Ochiyo and the role of Kusama Ritsu is played by Kengo Kasai .

"Fruit Basket" is on sale in 23 volumes.

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