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"Witch's Journey"


The third visual of "Witch's Journey", which has been announced as a TV anime, has been released. Saya (CV: Tomoyo Kurosawa ) is depicted as well as Irena (CV: Kaede Hondo )

■ What is the TV anime "Witch's Journey?"
Written by Dr. Ruler Shiraishi / Illustration: The same novel by Dr. Azur Directed by Toshiyuki Kubooka, series composition and script written by Kazuyuki Brush Yasu, character design by Takeshi Oda, concept design by Kazumasa Uchio, animation production by C2C.

There was a traveler somewhere. Her name is Irena. He is a young woman who became a top witch of young wizards. Longing for the story of a journey that I read as a young child, I continue my long, carefree journey. She travels freely in this vast world, touching the strange and funny people and the beautiful everyday life of her, and as a traveler she repeatedly encounters various countries and people without any purpose. And the same number-
"I don't care. I'm a traveler. I have to hurry ahead."
The story of the encounter and parting of the witch Ileina.

The Ireina role Kaede Hondo, the franc role Kana Hanazawa, the sheath role Tomoyo Kurosawa plays.

The original novel is on sale until Volume 10.

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