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TV anime “Princess Connect! Re: Dive” # 01


The outline, scene, and notice of the TV anime “Princess Connect! Re: Dive” # 01 “The Beginning of the Adventure-Saute the Mushroom in the Sunset Sky” that will be broadcast on TOKYO MX from April 6 has been released.

Yuuki, who lost his memory, woke up in a strange world. Together with a little guide, Kokkolo, who appears to be his follower, the two will travel on the beautiful continent of Astraia. After arriving at the royal capital "Land Sol", they take on the work of the Guild Management Association and go on a mushroom hunting quest to earn accommodation.

■ What is the TV anime "Princess Connect! Re: Dive"?
Director and series composition is Takaomi Kanazaki, assistant director is Kana Haruto, character design is Satomi Kurita, Mr. Yang Retsu and Yasuyuki Noda, music is Imagine, animation production is CygamesPictures. .

Astraia continent, a beautiful land where calm winds blow through. Yuuki, a boy who lost his memory at that corner, wakes up. Kokkoro, a small guide who takes care of him. Pecorine, a beautiful girl swordsman who is always hungry. A slightly cool cat ear magical girl character. The guild they launched, guided by fate, was called Gourmet Hall. Now, the curtain of Yuuki and their adventures opens.

Pekorinu auditors M · A · O 's, the Kokkoro role Miku Ito, Ms. Rika Tachibana the Cal auditors, the courage role Atsushi Abe, the Ames role Rie Takahashi -san, the Rabirisuta role Sawashiro Miyuki 's, Karin role the Aya Suzaki, the Mimi role Rina Hidaka, to strengthen the role Yui Ogura, a purification ceremony role Sumire Moroboshi plays.


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