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"Devil Blade"


Preorders for "GEM Series Onitsuka no Hana Tenohira Tanjiro-kun [with Limited Benefits]" have started pre-orders at Mega Tore Shop -Premium Bandai Branch-.

"Mega Tre Shop-Premium Bandai Branch-" has started accepting reservations for GEM Series: Onitsuka no Blade Tanohira Tanjiro-kun [Limited Benefits] "

From the TV anime "Devil's Blade" appears as a palm-sized figure of the protagonist Sumijiro!

Three-dimensional with straight eyes and full-fledged poses.

In the dignified form, attention is paid to details such as slightly lumpy hands, and expressions are added that show the scale of the efforts of Sumijiro.

When you line up with your first sister, Nezuko , do you see the gentle brother's expression? !

Why not display them together in a series and expand the worldview?

Premium Bandai, special bromide is attached as a mega tore shop purchase privilege.

Product delivery is scheduled for September 2020. The reservation may be over as soon as the number of preparations has been reached, so book early.


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