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One episode of "BNA"


The outline and scenes of the first episode "Runaway Raccoon" of the TV anime "BNA BNA" broadcast on Fuji TV "+ Ultra" from April 8 have been released.

One day, Michiru Kagemori, who suddenly became a raccoon beast, escapes from humans and arrives at Anima City, a city where beasts can live freely. Just that day is a festival day to celebrate the 10-year establishment of the city. Michiru is thrilled by the vibrant city scene and meets a strange wolf beast, Shiro Ogami, who sheds tears while watching the festival.

■ What is the TV anime "BNA BNA"?
Director: Yo Yoshinari, series composition: Kazuki Nakajima, character design: Yusuke Yoshigaki, total drawing director: Naoki Takeda, animation production: TRIGGER.

In the 21st century, beastmen who had been hiding in the darkness of history had begun to reveal their existence. One day, Michiru Kagemori suddenly became a raccoon beast. Anima City, a special zone for beastmen who headed to escape humans, is a city for beastmen created 10 years ago to make them live like beastmen. Michiru, who met a wolf beast who hates humans, Shiro Ogami, learned about the worries, lives, and joys of the `` Beastmen '' who did not know when he was in the human world while acting with him Go. Why did Michiru become a beastman? As they pursued the mystery, they became caught up in an unexpected big event.

The role of Michiru Kagemori is Sumire Moroboshi, the role of Shiro Ogami is Yoshimasa Hosoya , the role of Nazuna Hiwatari is Maria Nagana, the role of Alan Sylvasta is Mikato Ishikawa, the role of Barbarei Rose is Mara Takashima, and the role of Marie Itami Michiyo Murase, Kenji Nomura as Koichi Ishizaki, Hiroshi Naka as Yuji Tachiki, Hiroshi Ienaka as Gem Horner, Kimiko Saito as Melissa Horner, Yohei Tadano as Juliano Flip, Yoshitada Otsuka plays the role of Prime Minister Shiramizu .


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