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From 24:15 on April 5th, the TV anime "Kingdom" broadcast on NHK General 3rd series "Joint Army" was released in 5 minutes.

The synopsis and scene of the first episode, “The Coming Army Coming,” has been released.

Qin nation of China BC. Shin, who was originally from a servant and aimed at becoming a “genius of the world,” was a “Sennin Shogun” with repeated military service and thousands of subordinates. Nobu, who had been fighting with a warrior, Kawaryo Ten, in his own "Hishintai", had been fighting. Meanwhile, I was exploring the state of each place on my own, now I was the commander of the dead general and the king's army. I hear that there is a movement. It was a harbinger of a big "storm" that brought an unprecedented crisis to Hata.

■ About the TV animation "Kingdom" The
director is Kenichi Imaizumi, the character design is Tsune Abe, the series composition is Noboru Takagi, and the animation production is Studio Signpost.


In BC, in the west of China, there was a young thousand general, Shin, who was dreaming of becoming a "Great General in the World" who had dreamed of his now dead friend. Shin, who was once caught up in a coup d'etat in the royal capital and destined to meet the current Qin Wang, Masamasa, fulfills his dream and puts himself on the battlefield to achieve the goal of `` unifying China '' together with the government. become. Shin survives the death of his mentor and king on the battlefield, and works hard with the captains of the same generation, including Meng Tian and Wang Yun, while steadily climbing the stairs to his dream. On the other hand, the government will also focus on expanding the power within the court to regain the real power of the country from Ryo Fuyi, aiming for grand goals. Meanwhile, the country succeeded in capturing Sanyo-san, one of the most important military bases, and this brought us one step closer to unifying China. However, the genius of the country, Zhao, who has a sense of crisis in this move that may rewrite the power map of the Seven Countries, Lee, who has the Prime Minister of the country, Mr. Harushin, as the general, Chu, Zhao, Wei, Tsubame, Korea, Start the invasion of Qin nation by launching a joint force by the six countries of Qi! In an unprecedented crisis, Hata nation will gather all the armed forces that it can have and intercept the joint forces!!

A trust officer Masakazu Morita -san, the嬴政officers Jun Fukuyama, the KawaRyoten role Rie Kugimiya, the桓騎role Kentaro Ito, the king賁役Yoshimasa Hosoya, the Mengniu恬役Hiroshi Nojima, the king翦役Mr. Ken'yu Horiuchi, the Komubu role Kusunoki tome 's, Kato the Tengchong role Akiraotto, the RiMakiyaku Tomoyuki Morikawa, san Yūya Uchida lord chunshen role, Mr. Mio the AseAkirayaku Tanaka,? phosphorus auditors Atsuko Tanaka Daisuke Namikawa will play the role of Fengmei Wu , Tatsuhisa Suzuki will play the role of Tsubasa , and Yusho Uemura will play the role of Hakurei .


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