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"Princess Connect!"


The advertising image of the TV anime "Princess Connect! Re: Dive", which will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from April 6, has been released. Of Pekorinu role M · A · O 's, of Kokkoro role Miku Ito, Rika Tachibana Cal auditors have appeared.

Review the characters and guilds before the anime broadcast!

■ What is the TV anime "Princess Connect! Re: Dive"?
Director and series composition is Takaomi Kanazaki, assistant director is Kana Haruto, character design is Satomi Kurita, Mr. Yang Retsu and Yasuyuki Noda, music is Imagine, animation production is CygamesPictures. .

Astraia continent, a beautiful land where calm winds blow through. Yuuki, a boy who lost his memory at that corner, wakes up. Kokkoro, a small guide who takes care of him. Pecorine, a beautiful girl swordsman who is always hungry. A slightly cool cat ear magical girl character. The guild they launched, guided by fate, was called Gourmet Hall. Now, the curtain of Yuuki and their adventures opens.

Pekorinu auditors M · A · O 's, the Kokkoro role Miku Ito, Ms. Rika Tachibana the Cal auditors, the courage role Atsushi Abe, the Ames role Rie Takahashi -san, the Rabirisuta role Sawashiro Miyuki 's, Karin role the Aya Suzaki, the Mimi role Rina Hidaka, to strengthen the role Yui Ogura, a purification ceremony role Sumire Moroboshi plays.


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