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Full 3DCG animation "ULTRAMAN" BD-BOX released in June


The anime " ULTRAMAN " BD-BOX will be released on June 24.

Originally based on manga by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi, produced by Production IG × SOLA DIGITAL ARTS. It will be delivered on Neflix from the spring of 2019, and will include a total of 13 episodes of full 3DCG animation broadcast on the terrestrial from the spring of 2020.

As special benefits, a limited edition episode comic (44 pages), a work description (84 pages), and a bonus disk are available. The bonus disc contains making documentaries and other information.

Amazon.co.jp “ULTRAMAN Blu-ray BOX (special equipment limited edition)”
Amazon.co.jp “[Amazon.co.jp limited] ULTRAMAN Blu-ray BOX (special equipment limited edition) (A3 clear poster + Minipinzu with) "
· ULTRAMAN anime official site

YouTube “Terrestrial Broadcasting Begins on April 12 in Anime“ ULTRAMAN ”!


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