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One episode of "New Sakura Wars"


The synopsis and scenes of the first episode of "New Sakura Wars the Animation", the first episode of "Shin-Sakura Taisen the Animation", will be released on TOKYO MX and BS11 on April 3.

Taisho 30 years-The Great Imperial Theater crowded with many customers. The first day of a new performance of the Imperial Opera Company. In the dressing room, there are Sakura Amamiya, the first stage acting as the captain's deputy, and four figures of Hatsune Shinonome, Azami Mochizuki, Anastasia Palma, and Claris's new flower group. Seijuro Kamiyama returns there. Behind it is a strange girl.

■ What is the TV anime "New Sakura Taisen the Animation"?
A dramatic 3D action adventure that depicts the success of the imperial "Empire Huagyudan" fighting against evil in the imaginary "Taisho Era" of Tokyo. The director is Manabu Ono, the series consists of Manabu Ono and Tatsuhiko Urata, music is Kohei Tanaka, and animation is Sanjigen.

Taisho 30 (1941). The Imperial City and Tokyo have regained their peaceful days. Captain Seijuro Kamiyama was assigned to Europe for Emperor Hanagumi Hana Gumi, and Sakura Amamiya was appointed acting captain. Kamiyama returns home temporarily to the Hana-gumi who struggles every day, but there is an unknown girl beside her. The girl's name is Clara. He is the only survivor of the Moscow group that was destroyed after a major accident. Sakura welcomes Clara, who was commissioned by Kamiyama and transferred to the Hanagumi. In the meantime, a group that claims to be "Mossika Huagyudan" suddenly appears in the Imperial Capital ---- Who is Clara from Mossina? And what is the purpose of the devastated Mohsika Hussar team coming to Japan? The curtain of a new battle between the Imperial Hanagumi Corps and Hanagumi opens!

The Amamiya Sakura role Ayane Sakura -san, the Shinonome firstfruits role Maaya Uchida -san, the Mochizuki thistle auditors sound Yamamura 's, Anastasia Palma role Ayaka Fukuhara, the Claris role Saori Hayami, Yohei Azagami the Kamiyama MakotoJuro officer's, Michie Tomizawa plays Sumire Kanzaki, Misaki Watada plays Clara, Haruka Shiraishi plays Leila, and Kenji Akabane plays Kaminski .


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