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One episode "Listen to the waves."


The synopsis and scenes of the first episode, "I won't allow you," of the TV anime "Have You Listening to the Waves" broadcast on MBS / TBS / BS-TBS "Animationism" and others from April 3 have been released.

The stage is Hokkaido, Sapporo. A soup curry clerk, Minota Koda, confided a broken heart story to a man, Mato, who was next to him at the bar. The next day, while working, Minare heard that his voice was heard on the radio ...!? In fact, radio station director Matou secretly recorded the broken heart story and broadcast it live. Mato tells Minareu who rushed to the radio station without any badness. "If there is no sound for three seconds, it's a broadcast accident. You'll have a pause to stop?" Minaret stands in front of the microphone.

■ The TV anime "Have you listen to the waves" is
based on the same name comic serialized in Afternoon by Mr. Hiroaki Samura of "Infinite Resident". Directed by Tatsuma Minamikawa, series composition is Shoji Yonemura, character design is Takumi Yokota, and animation production is Sunrise.

Minaret Koda, who lives in Sapporo and works at a soup curry shop, was exploding a broken heart talk with the director of the local FM station, Kenji Mato, who met at the bar. The next day, when I was working as usual, a voice of Minare abusing the former boyfriend from the radio that was playing inside the store ...! Mato secretly recorded Minare's bitches and broadcast them live. Minare gets excited and gets on a radio station. However, Mato tells without impatient.
"Sister, you're going to have a pause to stop?"
Minareh shows off his full excuses talk in an ad-lib. The broadcast resonated and was eventually recruited by Mato to a radio personality.
"Do you want to bring a crown program?" The
title is, "Listen to the waves." 3:30 a.m. in Hokkaido, and Minare awakens!

Riho Sugiyama plays Minaret Koda, Masahide Fuji plays Kanetsugu Mato, Maika Iwami plays Mizuho Nanba, Kazuhiro Kushirogi plays Kazuhiro Yamaji, Madoka Kashiro plays Sayaka Ohara , Komoto The role of Ryujo is Kato Ishikawa , Tadaya Nakahara is Masaaki Yano, Maki Jojo is Mamiko Noto , Yoshiki Takarada is Satoshi Shimada, Mitsuo Suga is Daisuke Namikawa , and Shoji Oki is Uchiyama. Performed by Nguyen Teru.

The original comic has been released up to the seventh volume.


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