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Looking back at this year's voice actor music scene, this March will be treated as a particularly important month. As you can imagine, the number of voice actor artists released in recent weeks has been impressive.

Aya Uchida "Reverb"

First, Aya Uchida who released the 4th single “Reverb” on March 4th. The title song of the same work has been aired as the ending theme for the currently airing TV anime "Infinite Dendrogram" (TOKYO MX and others). This is a song with an aggressive bass line, like Kurohiko Kurosu who worked as a composer and arranger.



What I would like to mention specially in this article is the coupling song "Voice". Hisakuni, who worked on the total production of this song, has colored numerous turning points with his music activities, led by “Yellow Sweet”. Speaking of Uchida-san, he changed his direction from the album "Ephemera" released in November last year. One after another, he created rock numbers depicting how he struggled with his own conflicts, and at times there was a time when his confidence shook due to the difficulties of expression.


"Voice" affirmed his journey as an artist, including his growth at "Ephemera". Ms. Uchida was rescued by a message that she received her life-size self. It's a song worthy of summarizing the history of her artist debut.


Yuri Komagata "a Day"

On March 4th, Yuri Komagata released the 3rd mini album "a Day". According to the title of "a Day", the song has songs that you want to listen to during the day. It is characterized by a sound with an enhanced acoustic color more than before, and it is a piece that shines with pop sounds that blend well into everyday life.



In addition, the lead song "On My Way" gives her a good sense of balance in her music activities. Ryo Takahashi, who arranged this song, has been producing music based on brass since Komagata's debut album [[CORE]]. This “On My Way” is also one of the most powerful in the album, with the vibrancy produced by brass instruments to enhance her colorful and fresh singing voice. Each time the number is increased, new challenges are created, while at the same time making the best use of past experiences. It is a work that can capture the feelings of Komagata's music activities.


Rena Ueda "Empathy"

Next, Rena Ueda released her full album "Empathy" on March 18. In this work, the feeling of “sympathy” for various characters cultivated while meeting many roles as a voice actor. Originally she has avoided singing, but recently she is gradually becoming more and more positive about her activities. As if reflecting that positive attitude, this work is unified with a light soulful and soulful color that gives a perfect spring feeling to this season.



Among them, the fourth song "Tea Cup" is a song with an urban R & B taste based on elements of black music that brings comfort. The composition of the song, which allows you to listen to the brass carefully before the chorus, is also very interesting, and it has a great affinity with Mr. Ueda's singing voice with a downer atmosphere in a good sense. Also, even if you return to the entire album, many listeners have said that it is a masterpiece, so it can nod strongly and boasts a high degree of perfection close to the concept of the work. It is undoubtedly one of the voice actor's works representing 2020.


Haruka Kudo "KDHR"

Next, Haruka Kudo will release his debut mini album "KDHR" on March 25. Speaking of Mr. Kudo, his performance in the unit "Roselia", which was born from the media mix work "BanG Dream!", Making use of his special skill guitar, is widely known. The song “MY VOICE” MV also shows off his skills at once.



Also, "KDHR" consistently presents his own up-tempo digital rock numbers he loves. Probably, the production is also linked to the experience gained at Roselia. Despite his debut, it seems that he already has a clear image of music activity. On top of that, in the latter half of the album, I will not forget the parts that seem to be voice actors. In the fifth song "Because I Have You", when seeking the softness and gentleness of the vocal expression based on the technique of playing the roles cultivated as voice actors, he seems to pay particular attention to the sense of distance from the listener.


Rikako Aida "Curtain raise"

Finally, Rikako Aida who will release her first album "Curtain raise" on March 31. The lead song "Lotus" is a medium-numbered song with the first lyrics. It is a gentle song that changes the mood from the previous single song "for ..." and gives a mature impression. Aida made her artist debut last June with the EP "Principal". Since the activity has only just started, he is looking for a sound and worldview that fits his singing voice.



In the process, "Tiered" recorded at the end of "Curtain raise" may be a song that can be a guide for creating an artist image in the future. "Tiered" is a newly written song that has no ardent offer to Yanagi Nagi, whom Aida loves. Even after this work, Mr. Aida seems to be involved not only in singing, but also in writing lyrics, so I guess he could gradually make the image more concrete through the production of this song. I am looking forward to seeing what role Curtain raise will play in her future.


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