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New TV anime "Higurashi no Circus"


Character information has been released from the new anime project "Higurashi no Circa". At the same time, it was decided that the first episode 1 to 13 episodes of TV anime will be rebroadcasted as a selection broadcast.

"Higurashi no Circa" was first announced as a doujin game in 2002, and the fun of mystery solving and the charm of bizarre scenarios were spread by word of mouth, ported to consumer game machines, comicalized, animated, live-action movies It is a huge hit that is developing various media such as being staged.

As already reported, a new project of "When Higurashi is out" has started, but recently

To celebrate the arrival of TV anime broadcast from July 2020, "Higurashi no Circa" is the first of TV anime "Higurashi no Circa" (TV broadcast from April to September 2006). The rebroadcast of episodes 1 to 13 has been decided as a selection broadcast. It will be broadcast on TOKYO MX from Thursday, April 9th, so please check it out.

In addition, the character introduction has been updated, so please check it out.

[Broadcast information]
■ Selection of TV animation 1st "Higurashi no Circus"
Broadcasting station: TOKYO MX
Broadcasting date and time: Thursday, April 9, 2020 24: 30-


【Character introduction】


■ "Keiichi Maehara (CV: Soichiro Hoshi)

The main character of this work.
Recently, I moved from the city to Hinamizawa.
A father and a mother live with a painter.
She is curious, passionate, and seems to have excellent grades in urban schools.
Mouth is a very proficient and has the nickname "Magician on the lip."

■ Ryugu Rena (CV: Mai Nakahara)

Keiichi's classmate.
He has a devoted personality and is the best friend with Keiichi, such as going to school together every morning.
There is a tendency to "take home" at home if you find something that is "good" and you find it.
Lena in "Kawaii" mode can't handle any physical laws because it doesn't work.

■ Sonon Sonozaki (CV: Yukino Satsuki)
Senior student of Keiichi and Lena. Chairs in class. Her behavior is occasionally smelled like an uncle, but she is loved by others because she has high tension and she has good skin. Called "club activities", the after-school daily routine is to have fun with Keiichi and others in various games and games. He doesn't choose any means for victory and fears his surroundings.

■ Satoko Hojo (CV: Nika Mika)

Keiichi and Rena's junior students.
She speaks with a grammatically questionable young lady tone.
Although he hates losing and has a cheeky face, he is still young, and may be crying by Keiichi and Kaon. He is one of the best trappers in Hinamizawa, and his after-school "club activities" are brilliantly developed in all directions, and even the fascination is fearful.

■ Rika Kote (CV: Yukari Tamura)

The only daughter of Kote Shrine.
He lives in the same house as Sasuko of the same grade. She plays the role of a shrine maiden at the “Watashishiri Festival” held every June. A girl with a mysterious atmosphere that always softens the surroundings with a cuteness like a kitten, but also sometimes shows a coolness that does not suit age. I call myself "I" and have a habit of "Mi-", "Niya- ☆".


[Work information]
■ TV animation "When Higurashi is out"
<Broadcast information>
TV animation broadcasting starts in July 2020

Original: Dragon Knight 07 / 07th Expansion
Director: Keiichiro Kawaguchi
Series Composition: Hayashi Naoki
Character Design: Akio Watanabe
Music: Kenji Kawai
Produce: Infinite
Animation Production: Pashone
Production Copyright: When Higurashi is out of production Committee

Keiichi Maehara: Soichiro Hoshi
Ryugu Rena: Mai Nakahara
Sonozaki Mine / Poetry: Satsuki Yukino Satsukiko
Rika Kanako, Rika Kote: Yukari Tamura


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