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Theatrical anime "Etranze by the sea" will be released on September 11.


The release date of theatrical animation "Seaside Etranze", which was considered summer 2020, was decided on September 11, and the teaser visual and main cast were lifted.

The novelist's egg Hayao Hashimoto and a boy standing in the seaside, Chio Mika. The two dramas and the beautiful nature of Okinawa are carefully drawn to light, color, and sound. The sound of waves that repeat quietly. starry skies. Time to flow slowly. A pure, warm, but clumsy love breeds on a remote Okinawa island that wraps everything you visit.

From the drama CD version, Hayashi Hashimoto will be played by Futoshi Murata , and Mio Chibana will be played by Yoshijo Matsuoka .

▼ Shun Hashimoto (CV: Futoshi Murata )

Novelist egg. For some reason, she jumps out of her parents' house and lives in a guest house on a remote island. I was worried about the boy, Mio, who was mourning and spoke casually.

▼ Mio Chibana (CV: Yoshijo Matsuoka )

High school student. He lost his parents at an early age and was kept in a relative's house. Instead of his own situation, he favors Hayao who stared at his "person" as a human being.

Director, script and storyboard are Akiyo Ohashi, character design and supervision is Kanna Kii, total drawing director is Mayumi Watanabe, art director is Yumiko Kugana, sound director is Akiko Fujita. Animation production is Studio Hibari.


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