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TV anime "DieNeueThese, the Legend of the Galactic Heroes"


A new visual for the TV anime "DieNeueThese, the Legend of the Galactic Heroes", broadcast from April 6 has been released. It is designed in the image of two protagonists who live in the history of a long series of galaxies and create their own history.


■ What is the TV anime "Die Neue These"?
The first novel of the original novel "Ginga Heroes" will be newly animated from Volume 1 "Dawn". The 1st season `` The Legend of Galactic Heroes Die Neue These Encounters '' will be broadcast on TV in all 12 episodes from April 2018, and the 2nd season `` The Legend of Galactic Heroes Die Neue These Seiran '' will be all 3 chapters in 4 episodes in 2019. Will be screened at the theater.

The director is Shunsuke Tada, the series composition is Noboru Takagi, the character design is Yoko Kikuchi, Iwao Teraoka, Katsura Tsushima, the general drawing director is Takayuki Goto, the special skill director is Atsushi Takeuchi, the mechanical design is Atsushi Takeuchi Shinji Usui / Shinobu Tsuneki, Naoyuki Kato for original mechanical design, and Production IG for animation production.

Mamoru Miyano as Reinhard von Loengram , Ken-ichi Suzumura as Brigadier General Jan Wenley of the Free Planetary League, Yuichiro Umehara as Siegfried Kirchice, and Noboru Ishizuka as Willibart Joachim von Merkatz , Kiyomizu Mizuuchi as Staden, Takahiro Fujiwara as Vogel, Naomi Kusumi as Erlach, Ryota Takeuchi as Adalbert von Fahrenheit, Shinsa Fukumatsu as Paetta, and Kosuke Meguro as Pastore , Moore as Toru Sakurai, Lao as Yu Hatanaka , Jean Robert Rap as Tomoki Ono , and narration as Yoshimitsu Shimoyama.


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