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Theatrical anime "Seaside Etranze"


The release date of theatrical animation "Seaside Etranze" has been decided on September 11, 2020. Also, Taishi Murata and Yoshijo Matsuoka have been selected as main casts.

"Seaside Etranze" is a theatrical animation based on Kana Kii's manga of the same name, depicting a novelist's egg and a boy's new love. It will be released from the anime label "BLUE LYNX" specializing in BL (Boys Love).


⇒ The popular BL "Seaside Etranze", depicting a novelist's egg and a boy's innocent romance, will be converted into a theater animation! Published on BLUE LYNX summer 2020


When creating theatrical animation, the author Kii himself supervises the entire work and is in charge of character design. Studio Hibari, which is known for TV anime "Major" and "Monster Strike", is in charge of production. The director is Akiyo Ohashi who has been in charge of directing such as "Danganronpa The Animation".


It has also been announced that acoustic director Akiko Fujita ("classmates" and "how to raise her dull") will be assigned to the art director, and Yumiko Kugan ("Mercustoria lethargic boy and bottling girl") will be in charge. .

Following the drama CD version, the main cast will be played by Hayashi Murata as the novelist's egg Hayashi Hashimoto and Yoshioka Matsuoka as the high school student Mio Chibana.


Arrival of cast comment

Comments from Futoshi Murata and Yoshijo Matsuoka on the cast announcement will be introduced here (both original moms).

■ The role of Hayashi Hoshimoto:
Congratulations on the animation of Futoshi Murata theater! &Thank you! The innocent and calm worldview of Etranze will be reproduced in the video this time ... I am sorry for the fun and I am so glad I met Hayashi Hashimoto again. I want to do my best with a play.
However, before receiving this offer, I was looking forward to seeing you in the drama, and would like to continue from the drama CD for various reasons. I'm sorry! (Sweat) So, the joy was just that much, and I bitten the joy with Mr. Matsuoka, the role of Mio. I would like to convey the charm of Etranze carefully and carefully to both original fans and those who are new. In particular, the reproducibility of my favorite scene is a point that everyone, including me, is concerned about. I hope you'll be able to look at the original and start preparing for it. "Seaside Etranze" Thank you very much!

■ Mio Chibana: Yoshioka Matsuoka
I'm really happy that this time the seaside etranze will be a movie. I have talked with Murata since the BLCD Cast Talk was recorded, but the story and background are really beautiful! Isn't this a video? Isn't it a video? ? But the future of really imaging has come. And it's a movie! movies! ! I'm not so happy! From now on, what kind of images will be going on, what kind of background music will flow, and what kind of beautiful ocean you can see The heart is dancing (laugh)
We actors so that we do not lose the image beauty I'll express this world a cup, so really really! please expect to have fun and wait! I will do my best! ! Ah ... yes, it's a BL ... Please take a look, it is wonderful. Thank you for the original.



■ Hashimoto Shun (left image)
Egg of a novelist by Taishi Murata . For some reason, she jumps out of her parents' house and lives in a guest house on a remote island. I was worried about the boy, Mio, who was mourning and spoke casually.


■ Mio Chibana (Right image)
CV: Matsuoka Yoshijo
high school student. He lost his parents at an early age and was kept in a relative's house. Instead of his own situation, he favors Hayao who stared at his "person" as a human being.


[Outline of theatrical animation]
■ "Etranze by the sea"

<Public Information>
National screening on Friday, September 11, 2020

Original work: Kanna Kii "Etranze at the seaside" (Shodensha on BLUE comics)
Director / Screenplay / Conte:
Character design by Akiyo Ohashi / Supervision: Kanna Kii
sound director : Akiko Fujita
Art Director: Yumiko Kugan
Animation Production: Studio Hibari
Distribution: Shochiku ODS Business Office

Hayashi Hashimoto: Tatsu Murata
Mio Mio : Yoshioka Matsuoka


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