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"Yao, that's not it!" All 12 episodes BD-BOX reservation start


The BD-BOX of the anime " Yatsuo is not it! " Will be released on August 26.

Includes all 12 episodes of anime that started broadcasting in April 2020. As special benefits, a special booklet with a novel written by the original author, YA, and an original soundtrack CD will be provided.

"I" Hachiotoko, it will not! "Blu-ray BOX" Amazon.co.jp
I Amazon.co.jp "[Amazon.co.jp limited]" Hachiotoko, it will not! "Blu-ray BOX (early booking Special Features: original character, FujiChoko draw down A3 clear Poster) (purchase privilege: Anime illustrations drawn use B2 fabric Poster)"
I TV anime "Hachiotoko, it is not Sure! "Official Site

YouTube "TV anime" Yao, that's not it! "


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