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Release of non-credit movie using "Drohedro" final episode ED "404"


A non-credit movie using the last episode ending theme "404" of the TV anime "Drohedro", which reached the final episode on the broadcast on March 29, has been released.

In addition to the familiar members, there will also be a member of the cross-eyed group, to which the man in the mouth of Caiman, the squirrel, belongs. Whether there is a sequel or not, it is still in chaos.

■ What is TV anime "Dorohedro"?
The same name comic by Kyu Hayashida. The director is Yuichiro Hayashi, the series composition is Hiroshi Seko, the character design is Tomohiro Kishi, and the animation production is MAPPA.

Caiman, a man with amnesia whose face has been turned into a lizard by magic. In order to regain his true face and memory, he and his buddy Nikaido continue to search for witches who have enchanted themselves. Who is he ...?

The caiman role Wataru Takagi, Ms. Reina Kondo the Nikaido role, Mr. smoke role Ken'yu Horiuchi, the heart auditors Yoshimasa Hosoya, Noh well Auditors Yu Kobayashi, Mr. Kengo Takanashi the Fujita role, the Ebisu role Miyu Tomita Ms. Hiroo Egawa plays the role of Baucus, Mitsuhiro Ichiki plays the role of Kasukabe, Mayu Udono plays the role of the jellyfish, Songdo plays the role of the squirrel , Toru Inada plays the role of Tamba , Shinichiro Miki plays the role of the turkey , and Hozumi Goda plays the role of the ass Anri Katsu plays the role of Tota.

The original comic has been released in all 23 volumes.


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