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Smartphone application "Hypnosys Mike Alternative Lap Battle"


This is a game application based on the original music character rap project "Hypnosismic -Division Rap Battle-". The protagonist of the apprentice DJ, who is working hard every day to surpass the teacher's Rokomaro, is “Buster Bros !!”, “MAD TRIGGER CREW”, “Rad Battle” hosted by Chuo Ward. Fling Posse "and" Maten Wolf ". Eventually, the protagonist is involved in a major event that goes beyond the boundaries of entertainment battles.


The story is the original version of the app, and it features a rhythm game system "KILLER SCRATCH !!" that lets you enjoy a new type of gimmick. Like the original CD, the character draft is being handled by Kazui, the illustrator of "Otomate", and the original version of the application version of the character also appears.




The game version of the overwhelmingly popular "Hypnosis Mic", with the original CD winning first place in the Oricon ranking and a 2.5-dimensional stage being staged. By all means, I want you to play once.


[Work information]
■ Hypnosys Mic -Alternative Rap Battle- (Alternative Rap Battle)
Compatible models: iOS / Android / Amazon Appstore
Delivery date: Currently available
Price: Basic play free (some items charged)
Delivery / Development: iDEA FACTORY plus
joint development: Corporation ortho-plus


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