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The gacha boss event "Oshigoto on the sea!" Has started at the Soshage version of "High School DxD" !!


High School DxD, a social game version, is a delusional explosion card battle where you can enjoy the purinpurun appearance of the beautiful heroines in anime. In the game, in addition to the “fostering” of nurturing your favorite characters, a “rating game” that uses the nurtured characters to compete with other players is possible. In addition to "Dress Break", where the evolved characters turn into a sexy figure, some cards also feature "Voice Cards," which allow you to enjoy a newly recorded voice. It's a packed social game.

[Event Information]
■ "Gacha Boss Event" Oshigoto on the sea! "

<Story> To
help a cruise ship in the devil business.
Relief of a seasick person, guidance for a lost child, etc. ... On the
contrary to the elegant image, the busyness like a battlefield!
If you are stuck in the break room irresistibly ...

"I did my best a while ago! I can't afford to lose."
"Yes. But my servant can do more.

The directors in sailor uniforms!
With the synergy of sensational design and outstanding style, you can hear your "good to come ..."!
I'm glad I came too ... I'm fluent until the end, hmm ... I'll do my best!

Currently being held from Wednesday, March 25, 2020
* The period is subject to change. Please check the announcement in the game for details.


<Example of event reward card>
★ The event reward has evolved to x EX rarity in 4 evolutions !!

■ ∞ [Sailor VI] EX Rias Gremory (CV: Yoko Hikasa) with voice
evolution 1/4


X x [Sailor VI] EX Rias Gremory (CV: Yoko Hikasa) Voice
Evolution 4/4


Splashing water, I will do my best whether it gets wet or transparent ♪

"Lost Weiss", "Orifice" and "Gasper" appeared in Legend Lotto!


π “Ross Weiss” and BorN “Orifice” appear in Legend Gacha!
Limited time card will be available for Legend 11-Gacha!
Do not miss this opportunity!

<Implementation period>
Held from March 25, 2020 (Wednesday)
* The period of the event is subject to change. Please check the announcement in the game for details.


<Example of discharge card>

 Evolution of card with voice of π [Sailor VI] Ross Weisse (CV: Ai Kakuma)


■ BorN [Sailor VI] Orifice
Evolution 1/3


[Title information]

■ Social game version “High School D × D”
・ Genre: Delusion explosion Pururu Card Battle
・ Smartphone compatible model:

Android 2.3.3 or later (excluding some models)
iOS 5.0 or later (excluding some models)
* Sound may not be played on some terminals.
・ Feature phone compatible models:
docomo, au, SoftBank Flash lite 1.1 or higher (excluding some models)
* Audio is not played.
And response platform Mobage, GREE, d game
, price: free-to-play system

※ to this application, because the better part includes a representation like that might be felt sexual, violent expression, of the more than 18-year-old user Some platforms have age restrictions that are only available to you. please note that.


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