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[Steam] Kuichi, succubus, and puzzles! Special PC game feature


1.A cheerful and cute doggy girl, Kuichi and a bright and cohabiting cohabitation! "NinNinDays"


  • "NinNinDays" (qureate, iMel Inc.)
  • August 9, 2019 release
  • Price: 1,280 yen (as of March 18, 2020)
  • (C) 2019 qureate


Kuichi. It is a word that refers to a female ninja. It is too famous to say that the word `` Kuichi '' is a word made from breaking the kanji `` woman '' into `` Kunoichi '', but the word `` Kuichi '' was originally used as a slang word for women Yes, she didn't mean a female ninja. Furthermore, there is no historical record of the existence of a female ninja. But let me tell you. Even if it hasn't existed historically, the romance that “Kuichi” brings out is real!

This is the introduction of NinNinDays, a romance-filled game where you can live a cohabiting life with a little girl. By the way, in this article, I will write "Kuichi" according to the notation on the official website.



The protagonist is a part-time young man who feels unsatisfied, living a daily life as she is sheltered. By the way, he lives in Akihabara.


The story begins when such a protagonist meets a little girl, Sumire, who is falling down on the roadside on his way home. By the way, she did not fall because she was attacked by an enemy ninja. I'm really hungry. I'm a stomach pekopeco ninja. At this point, it's pretty cute!



It was not the end of the hero's luck to give the half-meat man bought at a convenience store to such a violet, but rather the beginning of good luck.


Sumire who claims that serving his first beneficiary is his practice, calls the hero the "Lord" and returns home to the hero's house, like a wife. In this way, the thrill of the cohabiting life of the throbbing began. Nevertheless, I swear that the Lord has no chance to be called once in real life! I want to be called!



This is a romantic adventure game where you read texts.
The text is easy to read, the tempo is light, the comedy touch is a bright story, and the music is very good.


The biggest feature of this work is the violet standing picture that moves smoothly by "E-mote".
It is a shame that you can only show it with still images, but during the game, you will be violet and slimy. And, I don't say where, but it sways. Again, I am sorry that I can only show it with still images.


Anyway, the violets that move lightly while changing their expressions round and round are not tired of watching, and it can be said that they have a great motivation to be able to enjoy this work happily.



Kimo of the love adventure game is the author who thinks that the charm of the heroine is more than 90%, but the heroine / violet of this work is drawn very attractive as a character, as well as the cuteness of illustrations and voices I am. The virgin innocence and a little stranger character who lived a ninja life as a ninja living in modern times, and a bright, positive and cheerful smile will surely be healed.


Of course, there's also a lot of "naughty something" in the dressing room and in the bath, so don't worry!


In addition, a fascinating array called "R18 Patch" is distributed on the official website of this game. If you do this, there will be added scenes where violet things will be done, but what I can say from here is this. After that, please check with your own eyes. Of course people under 18 are useless! Please wait for my 18th birthday!



By the way, as an aside, Sumire says that he is a ninja of skill, who throws a shuriken vividly and can freely use Katon and Suito, but he is not good at dogs. Speaking of the weather-related characters that dogs are not good at, the writer who came up with "Obake no Q * ro" came to mind. Speaking of which, there was a famous ninja in the same teacher's work! Then, a salesman-like girl who is laughing at Nika Nika gives me mysterious products and abilities and finally Dawn! I guess it's possible to have a nice game ... no, it's usually scary ...


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