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If you go to Budokan, you will die(OSHI GA BUDOKAN ITTE KURETARA SHINU) (Japanese anime)



A comic by Auri Hirao, who has surpassed 350,000 copies of the total series published on the COMIC Ryu web site, "Dies if the boss comes to Budokan." This work depicts ChamJam, an underground idol group active in Okayama Prefecture, and its enthusiastic fans, and features a lot of content that is very sympathetic to idol nerds. It is announced that TV animation broadcasting will be started on TBS and BS-TBS in 2020, and the director is `` Yamano Susume '' Mr. Yusuke Yamamoto, the series composition is `` Love is after the rain Yoko's Akiko Deko-san. Eightbit is responsible for the animation production, "I was a slime if I was reincarnated."

Start time:Winter 2020On-air date:January 9, 2020-
Production company:Eight bitGenre:Pretty Girl Heroine

Voice actor: Ai Firuzu , Hinata Tachibana, Kaede Hondo , Ikumi Hasegawa, Maya Enoyoshi, Kaori Ishihara , Misaki Watada, Manami Ito, Tomoaki Maeno , Yoshio Yamatani , Kana Ichinose

staff: Director: Yusuke Yamamoto, Series composition: Deko Akao, character ... view all

Ellipo, a resident of Okayama, is an enthusiastic nerd dedicated to Maina, a member of the minor underground idol "ChamJam". Eri Puyo is dressed in a high school red jersey. What Ellipyo wields is salmon pink kimbure. Eriyayo recommends only Maina. A tribute to all of my income, thinking of pushing for 24 hours, shouting the name of the push with all my voice and calling it a legend among otaku fellows, everyone was a glance . "One day, if Maina stood on the stage at Budokan ... you may die! ] The legendary woman, Eryupyo's dollar otaku activity, which asserts so, continues today with idols and nerds involved!

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