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Theatrical version 3DCG animation "Lupin III THE FIRST" BD release announcement video


The BD / DVD for theatrical animation " Lupin III THE FIRST " will be released on June 3. The release announcement movie has been released.

3DCG animation released in December 2019. A post card set is prepared as a privilege. The BD luxury edition is a special case of the Bresson Diary type, and includes a 100P (planned) Bresson Diary booklet. Special making images, yellow carpet images, etc. are recorded as bonus images.

· Amazon.Co.Jp "Lupine III THE FIRST [Blu-ray Deluxe Edition (Bresson Diary Edition)]"
Amazon.Co.Jp "Lupine III THE FIRST [Blu-ray Limited Edition]"
Amazon.Co.Jp "Lupine III THE FIRST [DVD (Lupine III Special Price Edition)]"

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Amazon.co.jp “Lupin III THE FIRST [Blu-ray Deluxe Edition (Bresson Diary Edition)]”
Amazon.co.jp “Lupin III THE FIRST [Blu-ray Normal Edition]”
Amazon.co.jp "Lupine III THE FIRST [DVD (Lupine III calling on Special Price Edition)]"
· = VAP = movie "Lupine III THE FIRST" June 3, 2020 Blu-ray & DVD release!
Movie `` Lupin III THE FIRST '' Official Site

YouTube “Lupin III THE FIRST” Blu-ray & DVD on June 3, 2020!

YouTube “Part of the movie“ Lupin III THE FIRST ”will be partially released.


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