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"Bundle!" Morfonica's 1st "Daylight-Daylight-" MV


"BanG Dream!" 'S new band, Morfonica's 1st single " Daylight " will be released on May 27th. A music video has been released.

Limited edition BD includes music videos for "Daylight", real band MVs, and real band MV making videos.

Amazon.co.jp “Daylight -Daylight- [Limited Edition with Blu-ray] | Morfonica”
Amazon.co.jp “Daylight -Daylight- [Regular Edition]”
1st Single 『Daylight -Daylight- 

YouTube "[MV] Morfonica" Daylight-Daylight-"[Official]"

1.Daylight - Daylight -
2. Prelude to the golden
3.Daylight - Daylight - -Instrumental-
4. prelude to the golden -Instrumental-

[Blu-Ray] ※ Blu-Ray with a Limited Edition only
" Daylight-"MV
" Daylight -Daylight- "Real Band MV
" Daylight -Daylight- "Real Band MV Making

Banduri! Girls Band Party! Cover Collection Vol.4 " will be released on May 27.

This is the 4th album of popular cover songs distributed in the smartphone game "Bundle! Girls Band Party! (Galpa)". All the recorded songs became the first full chorus sound source, and this time the largest number of bands in the history including RAISE A SUILEN and Morfonica will appear.

· Amazon.Co.Jp "Bandori! Girl band party! Cover collection Vol.4"
Bandori! Girls band party! Cover Collection Vol.4

"BanG Dream!" Poppin'Party, Roselia and RAISE A SUILEN albums will be released sequentially from June.

Poppin'Party's second album " Breakthrough! " Will be released on June 3. In addition to single title songs from "Kizuna Music ♪" to "Initial", a total of 13 songs including many new songs are included. The limited edition includes the best CD collection of B-side collections of single c / w songs, and BDs with music videos and live video recordings. A photo booklet is also provided.

Roselia's second album " Wahl " will be released on July 15th. Includes 12 songs including classic songs and new songs. The limited edition comes with a BD and 52P booklet that includes a single live show.

RAISE A SUILEN's first album " ERA " will be released on August 19th. Includes 12 songs including single songs and new songs. The limited edition comes with 2 BDs containing 2 days of a single live show and a 52P booklet.

Amazon.co.jp “Breakthrough! [Blu-ray with limited production] | Poppin'Party”
Amazon.co.jp “Breakthrough! [Normal Edition]”
Amazon.co.jp “Wahl with Blu-ray Limited Edition] | Roselia ”
Amazon.co.jp“ Wahl [Regular Edition] ”
Amazon.co.jp“ ERA [Blu-ray Limited Edition] | RAISE A SUILEN ”
Amazon.co.jp“ ERA 【Normal Edition】"

* Includes manufacturer benefits and 3 title-linked benefits.

Amazon.co.jp “Breakthrough! [Limited edition with Blu-ray] | Poppin'Party”
• Amazon.co.jp “Wahl [Limited edition with Blu-ray] | Roselia”
Amazon.co.jp ERA 【Limited Edition with Blu-ray】 | RAISE A SUILEN ”
2nd Album“ Breakthrough! ”
2nd Album“ Wahl ”
1st Album“ ERA ”


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