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"Otikobo Fruit Tart" starts in July. P first, character visual


The broadcasting time of "Ochikoboru Fruit Tart", which has been announced that TV animation production is in progress, has been decided from July 2020, and the first PV and character visual have been released.

▼ Yuno Sakura (CV: Hiyori Nitta)

My dream is idol! A first-year high school student who came to Ratsou from Okayama. Although he has physical strength and strength in field work, his thick thighs are a source of trouble. Favorite is a girl!
Academic year: High school first year Birthday: April 4 Height: 155cm Blood type: O type

▼ Soko Roko (CV: Risa Kubota)

Once a dominant child role as a famous child role, but now a former child high school second grader who can not sell. Although he is an adult, he is childish in nature and he cares about small things.
Academic year: High school second year Birthday: May 5 Height: 140cm Blood type: B type

▼ Nui Hayu (CV: Haruka Shiraishi)

Former musician who cannot sell and is a high school freshman in the same class as Kinuno. A girl who is innocent and loves rock.
Academic year: High school first grader Birthday: June 6 Height: 150cm Blood type: AB type

▼ Nina Maehara (CV: Rena Kondo)

Former fashion model second grader, Loco's childhood friend. The complex is that both height and chest are large.
Academic year: Second year of high school Birthday: July 7 Height: 170cm Blood type: A type

▼ To green (CV: Tooruka Moriya)

A third-year junior high school student who was a large rookie expected of a cat pro but moved to rat pro because he loved Ino too much. It's usually a good girl, but it's going to be a big deal when Ino gets involved.
Grade: junior high school third grade birthday: September 9, Height: 145cm blood type: AB type

■ TV anime "No Child Left Behind fruit tart," the
same name comics of beach Yuba twin teacher is original. The director is Keiichiro Kawaguchi, the series composition is Keiichiro Kawaguchi and Tatsuya Takahashi, the character design is Sumino Kinoshita, and the animation production is feel.

Shino Sakura, a first-year high school student who came to Tokyo to become an idol, formed a rookie idol unit "Fruit Tart" with Loco and musician Hayu and model Nina who were not able to sell (former) child of the rat. To save a mouse Zhuang the verge of demolition, vicissitudes of life No Child Left Behind our entertainment industry is in an idle activity!?

Sakurakoromo乃役Nitta Hiyori-san, Lisa Kubota the Sekino loco role, Haruka Shiraishi the Nukui leaf oil Officer, Reina Kondo plays the role of Nina Maehara and Tooruka Moriya plays the role of green.

The original comic is on sale until Volume 4.


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